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I'm Jo

Hi my name is Jo! I am an experienced and trusted nutritionist and herbalist offering the highest standard of care.

Are you concerned about your health?
Are you suffering from a chronic health condition?

I can help you uncover the root cause and restore balance. I can help you embrace a holistic view of your wellness with a comprehensive healing experience.

I help patients restore balance in their lives, because healing is much more than changing one aspect of your life. I offer practical solutions to create a sustainable path to wellness. Being a mother, I am also driven by a deep motivation to bring kids back to nature and teach families about the healing power of food and herbs.

So many people are functioning in their day to day lives at limited capacity. Trying to just get through the day with a chronic health condition, no energy and no motivation. I have experience helping patients with chronic illness regain health and feel normal again.

I have experience in creating personalised meal plans, digestive health, women’s health (from pregnancy to menopause) and children’s health. My aim is to cultivate, respect and revive the traditional use of herbal medicine. I love making custom herbal medicines and teas for my clients.

If you have any questions, book a 10-minute discovery call, lets chat!

Teas & Tinctures

Teas & Tinctures (T & T) aims to inspire people of all ages of the power of plants and nutrition. We cultivate, respect and revive the traditional use of herbal medicine.

We love to help families serve healthy and nutritious food and help children get a healthy foundation for life.

Our Services

We offer nutritional and herbal medicine that aims to address the root causes of pains and ailments.

Now is the time to take control of your health and stop just trying to get through the day. Remember when you had energy and a zest for life. You can get that back.

Naturopathic medicine, ultimately, restores the body, mind and spirit back to balance and encourages natural immunity, optimum energy and wellness. The body has an amazing ability to heal, if you give it a chance.

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